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Schemes of Work Dashboard

Access your own dashboard where you can be able to;

  • Customize your scheme of work based on subject, form, topics, lessons per week, term breaks and other fine details.
  • Get to preview and print your created schemes of work.
  • Manage your Created schemes of work
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How It Works

An Easy Step-By-Step Process.


Register an account with us

Create and account with us or login in using Facebook or Gmail.


Customise your Scheme of work

Select the relevant form/grade, subject, topics and other fine details and let us take it from there.


Preview and pay

view a preview of your created scheme of work based on the information you provided and make your payment to be able to print the document


Download a pdf of your created scheme

After finalising the process, you can download a copy of the created Scheme of work

Pricing Plan

Our Pricing Plan

The first 2 schemes are FREE.


KES  30/=

KES 100/=

Per Term

Create Now
  • Customise Subject Topics and Subtopics.
  • Access other Forms (grades) Topics and Subtopics on the same subject.
  • Unlimited number of downloads to an already purchased scheme of work.
  • Free preview on all created schemes before downloading.